Beetle Mania deluxe

Beetle Mania deluxe

Slot machine test: beetle Mania deluxe

Maybe, insects are not for everyone, but in "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe", the thing is likely to be but otherwise, because what's crawling and crawling is actually quite sweet. You don't have to have fear, because the friendly bugs are very useful and can help you to win pretty. Manufacturer Naidoo, which speaks for itself for a high quality is responsible for the game. Specifically, this means a nice picture with good sound, to an easy access and great ways to win. Bees and beetles, snails and butterflies are your friends in "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe" and with a little luck, you get free games and prizes. Some symbols even two on a payline, enough to make a few points. With the popular gamble feature you can double your profits even more.

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Beetle Mania ™ deluxe play online

What stands out immediately for "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe" is

that it a very colorful online slot machine is, but yet not too crowded and therefore also very clearly. Motives are cheerfully decorated, but not directly for headache, as can be the case but for one or the other slot. "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe" is a Naidoo slots, which comes along with a familiar mechanics and yet its own charm. A slot, which can be a nice change of pace for everyone and is equally suitable for women and men.

Your task on the slot machine is actually very easy, because you have to rotate only the rollers. Doing this is actually aim to collect as same symbols on the same payline, which spread from left to right across the reels. Total, there are five reels, allowing to draw 10 paylines. Enough to turn it at least every few rounds a suitable combination. With the bee as a Joker, you can even substitutes and make even simple series.

The line go not only horizontally from left to right, but run after some with fork diagonally from the top row below or vice versa. You don't have to but not all in the mind the lines, because "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe" indicates automatically you after turning on any reel will trigger profit was made. It is important that same symbols always from the left must start, because they otherwise do not count. While the various symbols include different levels as a click on the button "Paytable" shows.

Slot machines instructions beetle Mania ™ deluxe

You can try the game in fun mode, but there are real gains only with genuine usage. Therefore, you must be logged in the online casino, and have loaded the money into the account. You can then as deposits with "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe" take and there use as usage. You can change the usage in which you raise these per line or set but less lines, which decreases the overall usage. However it is worth always the full line number to play with, to have the highest chances to.

The introduction to beetle Mania ™ deluxe

To start clicking on "Start", to rotate the rollers. You stop soon and show you whether you can fill line. The note icon is especially interesting, because at least three of them spread over all rollers, 10 free spins introduce and even the WINS are doubled. The bee is, however, wild, with the other symbols can be replaced. Also it brings the most points, in contrast to the rather simple motifs.

Beetle Mania ™ deluxe profit

Profit but is "Beetle Mania ™ deluxe" does not equal profit, because you can fill lines, you can use the gamble. So you bet all or nothing. You have the choice between red and black, then a card is drawn. You're right with your prediction, your win is doubled, otherwise you lose him but immediately. You must not use function but the gamble, but can take your bet immediately.

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